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16. Increased Standing Orders

I have made my list of the 16 biggest EMS treatment changes over my twenty-year career as a paramedic I will be posting my list in reverse order over the coming weeks


Entry Img

Lately I must confess I have been having some issues with hearing.

The Mentor (or What They Remember)

We are not three minutes into our response when we get shut down as a closer unit is now available. My partner shuts off the lights, and then turns suddenly into the Dunkin’ Doughnuts just ahead.

In Praise of Rogue Medic

This guy slays it. He takes on EMS myth and bad science always on behalf of the patient.

Epinephrine Death Watch

In a study encompassing over 400,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests in Japan from 2005-2008, researchers are declaring that epinephrine in cardiac arrest may lead to worse survival and neurological outcomes than no drug at all.

Backing In

Park the damn ambulance already!

Routine II

There are some medics who can walk in a room and in one glance tell you what is going on. I can do this sometimes, but I am not always right. Nor do I need to be.

Midazolam IM or Ativan IV?

“The findings in this study should lead to a systematic change in the way patients in status epilepticus are treated en route to the hospital.”

Gathering of Eagles 2012 Presentations

If you want to stay on top of the latest trends and research in EMS, you have to know what the Eagles are talking about.

Medical Author Chat

I was fascinated to hear Greg’s Friese’s interviews of writers and look forward to listening to the rest of his series, including interviews with several authors of EMS books I had been unaware of.