Medical Author Chat

A couple years I was interviewed by Greg Friese for a podcast in a series he was starting about EMS writers. I enjoyed chatting with him at the time, but it wasn’t until the other night that I really checked out his collection of author interviews. He now has a stand alone blog site called Medical Author Chat. I listened to three of the interviews last night – the ones with fellow bloggers, Michael Morse and Kelly Grayson, and another with Maggie Dubris, a little known, but excellent writer, who has produced two of the best works of EMS writing I know (the poem “Willie World” and the short story from “Weep Not, My Wanton” about the birth of a premature infant in Times Square.

I was fascinated to hear Greg Friese’s interviews of writers and look forward to listening to the rest of his series, including interviews with several authors of EMS books I had been unaware of. I would encourage you to check these out.

Medical Author Chat

Michael Morse

Kelly Grayson

Maggie Dubris

And here’s the one he did with me:

Peter Canning

EMS writing records the way we live. Not only do people who are unfamiliar with our world get a glimpse of it through our works, but years from now, it will serve as a historical record, primary sources of what life was like in our worlds. Greg has done a valuable service by recording the thoughts of the writers behind these works.

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