Annual Cold Report

I had yesterday off and was going to run the Greater Hartford Quarter Marathon, for which I had already paid my entry fee, but I ended up spending the day in bed. Just two weeks before I ran in the O’Hartford 5K and set my personal best 5K mark of 26:58, good for 764th place out of 2567 runners, a good ten minutes behind the winner, but over four minutes faster than I ran my first 5K five years ago. I was feeling pretty good that day (the picture of health and fitness), but I likely overextended myself and instead of taking a couple days to rest, kept up my regular exercise routine and soon found myself battling a raging respiratory infection. I had actually thought I had made it through the winter without my annual sickness. I slugged it out for over a week, but it beat me down completely. By yesterday I could barely rise from bed. I hoped the day long sojourn under the covers would enable me to report fresh for work this morning, but by 5:30 last night, I knew it would be rough. I hesitantly picked up the phone and called out. Today has been for sleeping, reading, some writing, some more sleeping, some more sleeping, a little more reading and writing, and I have just now cooked a small steak, which I am actually eating with gusto. I will be ready for work tomorrow. Hopefully, with enough vim, vigor and vitality to make it though the day.

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