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Hands On Defibrillation

Is hands on defibrillation safe? Or will we all end up with curly hair?

Bid Shift

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We had our first bid shift in several years recently. For me, it presented a dilemma. Continue working in the city or go to the suburbs in a fly car.


Our stretcher rolls past in the hallway. Each door is open. The story on every channel.

Paramedic Guidelines

It is thrilling to see a group of doctors and paramedics get together, review the medical literature and make changes based on the best interests of their patients.

A Paramedic's Guide to Takeout

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One of my great joys in being a paramedic is the diversity of food I can eat on the job. For the last year I have been working on a blog called “A Paramedic’s Guide to Hartford Takeout. Here is a preview — my top ten list.

Pink Sneakers

A little bit of brightness in a sometimes dim world is no small thing.