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Advanced Airway Loses to BMV

Bag-Valve-Mask is better than ET Intubation or even supraglottic airways in cardiac arrest. Or at least that is the conclusion of an important new study published January 16, 2013 in the Journal of the American Medical Society.

Homemade Soup

I want what I do– what we do–to matter, and I know it does in many ways. There are just those times where I think it might be better if we could just transport someone home instead of to the hospital.

Help Needed-Controlled Substances Policies

Hi all- I am curious about controlled substances policies in various states. Specifically: Are paramedics in your state allowed to carry their controlled substances on their person while on duty? In other words, are the controlled substances considered secured when in the paramedic’s possession? Do you carry them in a pouch, for instance, during the […]

Risk Assessment

Position yourself to avoid catastrophe.

Another Nail in the Board

This is a huge change for EMS, but we should all welcome it. Spinal immobilization was a concept instituted in the belief that it might prevent rare spinal injuries from growing worse. There was never any solid evidence to support it, and now more and more evidence is piling up that the practice is not only uncomfortable for patients, but harmful.

Far From the Tree

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As a reader, I could not put the book down. It gave me great empathy and made me appreciate that we are not all the same tree in the forest, and that as a society we are likely better off for our diversity. It certainly gave me a window into the world of transgenders, schizophrenics, autistics, and many of the other types of patients we encounter, as well as their families.

New Tricks for an Old Dog

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I find for guideline change I have to go through a transition of retraining my call memory to adapt to the changes. I know other medics have a similar problem.

Pay Attention to aVR

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Patients presenting with possible ACS who have ST elevation in AVR should be treated very seriously.

First Night

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Brothers and sisters, carry those lights in your heart, and spread their warmth into every house you enter, every patient you comfort, every life you touch.