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Enhanced BLS At What Cost?

He conceded that while, it was true BLS could easily be taught to give IN Narcan or put on CPAP, his worry was that allowing Basic EMTs to do so many things, their towns or services would feel they did not have to upgrade to the paramedic level. He had a point.

Gathering of the Eagles

If there was any place I could be this weekend, besides sitting here at home playing with my five-year old daughter (and working the ambulance tomorrow), it would be in Dallas for the annual “Gathering of the Eagles” conference.

More BLS Medications

Now some say EMTs should not be doing invasive procedures, and an IM med is invasive. I think the invasive procedure distinction is artificial. The sole distinction should be risk versus benefit. If the risk is minimal and benefit is large, then I am for it. I think that is true in this case.

In Praise of CEMSMAC

Here is what they chose: The health of patients over fear of lawyers. Evidence of harm over no evidence of benefit. To lead rather than to follow.

Electronic Run Forms

Some argue you should never leave the hospital without leaving a complete PCR. The PCR is essential to the patient’s continuing care. Others would argue the lady having a stroke in the aisle at Wal-Mart is more important than finishing the run form for the patient sitting in the waiting room with cold and flu symptoms, who you picked up three blocks from the hospital.

Inventory (DOA)

sneaker x1, socks, all cut off …

King of the World

Entry Img

I climbed to the very top of that snow bank. I was up higher than the ambulance roof, higher than the big fire truck. I was higher than everyone on the street. I could look all the way down the avenue, at all the life of the winter city digging out.

IN Narcan for BLS

I am also in support of Narcan for BLS because of the advent of IN (Intranasal) Narcan delivery.

BLS Meds – Zofran ODT

If there is one medication I would give to BLS services aside from the epi-pen, it would be Zofran (Ondansetron) ODT.

What BLS Should Be Doing Now (Intro)

I make these recommendations because I believe they will be better for patients, that they will do more good with minimal risk of harm.