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Pain Scales

Automatically giving a narcotic analgesic to any patient who says his pain is a 10 is no more right than automatically refusing to give narcotic analgesics because a patient doesn’t look like he is in pain.

Relieving Pain in America

No one should have to sit before another and have to beg to be treated as a fellow human. In EMS we are caregivers. We are the door to compassion – to human connectedness. Open 24/7.

Mill Hill Ave Command

One of the best things about EMS I have seen over the years is the influx of motivated young EMS doctors who came from the streets themselves, who respect the work we do and are actively working to improve our systems and the care we provide. Brooks Walsh is one of these docs.

These Go to 11

“I don’t think you understand,” my preceptee said. “Zero is no pain, 10 is like an alligator biting your leg off pain.”

Handsome Boy

A handsome boy plays guitar in his garage band, thick black hair down to his shoulders. Man is he in to the music. The drummer in the background is also smiling, the kid on the bass is into it too. The photo colors are faded. I’m thinking 1970. In front of the 3X5 photo in […]

Where I Stand (Today)

I promised more columns on enhanced BLS, but I have instead been silent for the last two weeks as I have struggled to come to a clear understanding of the issue. The most successful commentators all stake out clear positions (whether they believe them or not). But I continue to struggle with this one.