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D10: Better For Our Patients

I join Rogue Medic in his call. I see no reason why we should continue to give D50 when D10 is better for our patients.

Street Lessons # 6 Don’t Always Believe Your Own Eyes

Don’t assume because the person is fine now, that they were fine when 911 was dialed.

Street Lessons #5 The Hand Drop Test

Just because a person is aware enough to move their hand to avoid their face, doesn’t mean they can’t also be really sick.

Street Lessons #4 Carry Your Gear

I hate not being prepared.

Street Lessons #3 Know Thy Patient

We have no one by that name here.

Street Lessons #2 Troubleshooting the Monitor

When you attach the electrodes, nothing reads on the monitor screen. You recheck the leads and connection to the monitor, which you unplug and then replug several times, all with no change. Still nothing. What do you do now?

Street Lessons

Street Lesson # 1 Don’t Carry Hypotensive Patients in a Stair Chair.

Computer STEMI Interpretation Revisisted

Entry Img

I spent a fascinating hour and a half with two members of Physio-Control’s technical team going over the 12-Leads I discussed in a recent post. I was extremely impressed with both their knowledge and their desire to improve the computer’s algorithms.