Three sets of footprints in the snow. Two with fully defined treads. Mine barely register. Iím twelve years older than the two of my partners combined. This is my fifth pair of boots and the soles have gone smooth. I walk carefully. We do a call and I canít make it up the icy driveway. I keep slipping down the incline. I have to hike up through the snow to get to the door. I have had this pair of Fort Lewisís seven years, and they have stood me well. I order a new pair that night and they arrive on Christmas eve. I put them under the tree so I it will look like there are even more presents when my daughter awakes in the early hours and checks to see if Santa has come. In life we give way to youth, all of us do. We fade away. But I hope this new pair of working boots wonít be my last. I have more earth to tread on, more inclines to climb.

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    Practice (Revisited) | Medic Scribe
    […] Practice […]
    2015-01-24 15:02:18
    AHA 2015 Guidelines: A Preview
    I like the King airway, but patients are not able to have a vent run through one at our hospital. It seems to me if you can successfully place an ET tube in the pre-hospital setting then the first thing that happens with the patient when we take them to the code room will not…
    2015-01-24 13:53:10
    AHA 2015 Guidelines: A Preview
    Steve, your thought process is profoundly flawed. CPR is not performed on dead people - that would be unethical according to the 2010 guidelines. If medics need intubation practice, then it should be on live patients in an OR or surgery center. If that is not available then they need to ugo with supraglottics.
    2015-01-24 09:30:41
    AHA 2015 Guidelines: A Preview
    Steve, I'm not sure what you mean with your comment regarding intubation of "dead people" - I hope you aren't so nihilistic such to say that patients in cardiopulmonary arrest are essentially cadavers and there for procedure practice. The "negativity towards intubation" you speak of is actually not negativity towards a procedure but a concern…
    2015-01-24 05:55:12
    Ellen Civitello
    AHA 2015 Guidelines: A Preview
    While I understand the concern with ET intubation, I feel most of us have gotten quite proficient in ET placement! We're taught that a subglottic tube (LMA) doesn't protect & isolate the airway: I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had a cardiac arrest patient vomit during CPR! Are you saying since the patient's…
    2015-01-24 04:19:24

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