Connecticut to Allow BLS/First Responder IN Narcan

Yesterday the Connecticut Emergency Medical Services Medical Advisory Committee reversed its position from a year ago and voted to approve Intranasal Narcan as a sponsor hospital option for first responders and BLS services in the state. This does not mean that all first responders and BLS responders will be giving Narcan. It only means that if a service and their sponsor hospital medical director believe there is a need in their area, and the service members undergo training, and participate in quality assurance, they will be permitted to administer the drug under narrowly drawn circumstances. If a sponsor hospital does not see a need in their community, it will not be allowed. The state Health Commissioner supports the proposal and there was growing demand from the legislature for such a move. The CEMSMAC approval before it could be mandated by the legislature hopefully will enable the EMS medical community to better control the manner in which the drug will be used.

Lawmakers Poised to Expand Access to Heroin Reversal Drug

Currently Connecticut enables BLS providers to use Epi-Pens, give ASA, use glucometery and administer CPAP under a similar sponsor hospital approval process.

There are a few small hoops before the IN Narcan proposal is official. Training materials and a protocol will have to be developed and rollout dates announced. I am not certain when it will all be official, but it is coming to our state.

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