Lights and Sirens

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This past week I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of a new paramedic memoir.

Kevin Grange’s Lights and Sirens is an authentic, compelling narrative of Grange’s journey through UCLA paramedic school and field internship on Los Angeles’s dangerous streets as he trains to save the lives of victims of heart attack, stroke and trauma. Grange is an excellent writer who does a great service to his new profession in conveying not just the accurate details and heart-pounding excitement of the job, but also revealing the essential compassion of the truest caregivers. Lights and Sirens is a book to be appreciated by both the general public and the fire and emergency medical services community.

Here is a link to Grange’s web site.

Lights and Sirens

The book is scheduled to be published in June 2015 by Berkley Trade.

Lights and Sirens can also be preordered from Amazon at this link:



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