Christmas Voices

“Jesus was here today. Glory Be. Brothers and sisters! Good God, we have witnessed thy presence. Let us all say Hallelujah, Hallelujah!”

A woman called 911 and said she hadn’t seen her neighbor all day, and no one would answer her neighbor’s apartment door. The fire department broke the door open with an axe handle and crowbar. The neighbor was found on the floor with a blood sugar of 24. She was resuscitated with D10, and then wheeled out of the apartment on a stair chair while all her neighbors rejoiced. An impromptu sermon followed.


“I have fibroids so I can’t have children. I try to send money to my mother in New York. I don’t want to miss work. Sometimes I think I will have no one to look out for me when I am old. I came up here to Hartford to see a friend. There was so much snow all piled up, it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. The flakes falling down in the street lights. I filled out an application at Stop and Shop and the next month I had my own apartment on Blue Hills Avenue and I told my mother I wouldn’t be going back for awhile. Sure, I have had my small tragedies up here, but I am thanks to God, making do. You see the scar on my face, a man did that with a knife and I’ve been tied up in a home invasion, but I’m still trying make something of my life. I’m going to school for histology, though I am worried it will be too hard for me. They told me I should have gone to the hospital last week, but I thought the pain would go away. No, I don’t want any more pain medicine, I don’t like the way it makes me feel.”

A thirty-year old woman met the ambulance on the front stoop with tears in her eyes, her back stiff as she struggled to take another step down to the curb. On the way to the hospital with 100 mcg of Fentanyl on board, she told her story.


“I was clean for eight weeks, but then I bought some dope to share with my friend cause it was supposed to be good. I knew I shouldn’t but Mickey said it was the best, and it being the season. Praise America for saving me. I don’t want to be taking you from people who are sick. I am so sorry. God bless this country.”

A man found unresponsive outside the shelter. He was blue with an ETC02 was 90. He came around with IN Narcan and was quite peaceful about it all.


“Do you think Santa Claus will know where I am?”

An 83 year old man, released from the hospital three days ago following an episode of aspiration pneumonia, with increasing confusion, incontinence (pee with deep UTI smell), and a dried out tongue. He spoke in a whisper, his eyes were lively and bright blue.


“You can make a run for the pumps, but you’re not released. You’re all I’ve got.”

Dispatch at crew change.