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If I Were Going to EMS Today 2016

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If I were going to EMS Today 2016 in Baltimore (February 25-27), I would definitely attend these sessions.* If I could clone myself I would go to every session. But until that technology is available, I have two criteria to help me decide: 1). Will the information make me a better provider when I get […]

Little Things

The other day I wrote a post called “Burnout” that was a scathing critique of the working conditions of urban EMS. I sent it to a friend to read before I posted it, and he called me up, and said “Dude, you are crispy.” I ended up not hitting Publish, even though I really wanted […]


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Here’s the prologue to my new novel, Diamond in the Rough: Prologue The woman wanted me to read her dead son’s manuscript. She found me as I played with my young daughter in a park near my home. (I had not returned her emails). The woman said her son had worked with me as an […]

Diamond in The Rough

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To my fellow EMS providers, I am pleased to announce the publication of  Diamond in the Rough An Action-Packed EMS Thriller and Black Comedy A grief stricken mother seeks a publisher for her dead son’s manuscript — the shocking tale of his wayward journey through the world of EMS. Tim Anderson is a troubled youth […]

JEMS Caption Contest

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EMS Cartoonist Paul Comb’s caption contest is live! The voting deadline is Jan.22. INFO: Vote for your favorite caption below by Friday, January 22, 2015. The winning caption will then be added to the illustration by Paul Combs. 1. If you don’t get that seat belt on, I won’t be the only airbag in your […]

EMS Memoirs/EMS Fiction

An EMS memoir can take any form, but there are usually only two. 1) The Newbie enters strange new world of EMS, struggles to prove self, and in the end makes good. 2) The Old Dinosaur looks back on his career, telling tales, etc. Sometimes the two are combined together. In the nonfiction books, the […]


These are from my blog posts from the JEMS Conference in Baltimore in 2007. Check out the past, then sign up for the JEMS 2016 Conference and see the future. EMS TODAY REGISTRATION Save $100 off registration if you use the code SCRIBE. *** February 2007 Drove down with a fellow medic, and on the […]

Heroin: Cape Cod, USA

If you have access to HBO, you should watch their new documentary Heroin: Cape Cod, USA. It is also an excellent companion to the book Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic, which details the rise of pain pill addiction and the resulting shift over to heroin among the pill abusers. The documentary follows […]