JEMS Caption Contest

EMS Cartoonist Paul Comb’s caption contest is live! The voting deadline is Jan.22.



Vote for your favorite caption below by Friday, January 22, 2015. The winning caption will then be added to the illustration by Paul Combs.

1. If you don’t get that seat belt on, I won’t be the only airbag in your face!
2. Buckle up, let’s have some fun!
3. Hey, you want to save someone’s life? Buckle up first!
4. We not moving till you have that orange stripe across your chest!
5. How can I trust you to watch my back when you won’t even watch yours?

The illustration with the winning caption will be on the EMS Today 2016 official t-shirt that will be sold onsite!

Caption Contest

While you are at it, check out Paul’s great EMS Blog at EMScapades. He posts new cartoons every Tuesday and Friday.

For those who haven’t registered yet for the JEMS Conference in Baltimore, MD on February 25-27, now is the time to do it.

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