If I Were Going to EMS Today 2016

If I were going to EMS Today 2016 in Baltimore (February 25-27), I would definitely attend these sessions.*

If I could clone myself I would go to every session. But until that technology is available, I have two criteria to help me decide:
1). Will the information make me a better provider when I get back to work?
2). Will I get a glimpse of the future?

No More BLS/ALS—Just EMS
DATE: 02/25/2016, TIME: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Bryan Bledsoe, Prof. of Emergency Medicine, University of Nevada
Session Description: EMS practices and procedures have always been described
as either basic life support (BLS) or advanced life support (ALS). Where did this
come from and what does it mean? In actuality, quality prehospital care cannot
be characterized with these two archaic terms. In this discussion Dr. Bledsoe will
argue that terms such as BLS and ALS (and a few others) are actually holding
EMS back and will make suggestions regarding new terms for what we do.

Bledsoe has always been years ahead of the game , and I believe he is on to something big here. I agree that there are often unnecessary false lines between ALS and BLS care. There are many thinks BLS is not currently able to do in many states that they can do safely and effectively (CPAP, 12-lead acquisition, medication administration (from IN narcan to pain medication in certain instances) that would benefit patients.

The Most Important Published Articles for EMS
Providers 2015-2016

DATE: 02/25/2016, TIME: 1:30 PM – 2:45 PM
Corey Slovis, MD, Professor, Emergency Medicine, Vanderbilt
University Medical Center
Session Description: Dr. Slovis will review recently published articles from the
peer reviewed literature that are either practice changing and/or important to
know about for EMS providers. Ten to 20 articles will be discussed and
commented upon.

I have seen Dr. Slovis do this presentation in prior years and always interested in hearing from him.

Speed Bumps and Roadblocks on the Journey to
Prehospital Analgesia

DATE: 02/27/2016, TIME: 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Keith Wesley, MD, Medical Director, HealthEast Medical
Session Description: Pain is one of the most common reasons why people
request EMS. So what should your goal be? How much pain relief is sufficient?
How do you measure a patient’s level of pain? What medications should you use
and by what route? What if you suspect the patient is a “seeker”? Don’t vital
signs change with pain? What if the patient refuses your medication offer?
Under what conditions should you withhold analgesia? Can the medications do
more harm than good? What do you say to ED staff who chastise you for giving
pain meds and “masking” symptoms? These and many others important
questions will be addressed in this presentation by Dr. Wesley as he explains his
successful implementation of pre-hospital analgesia processes and procedures in
his St. Paul service.

Important questions I ask myself everyday. Would love to hear Dr. Wesley’s take on it.

Lightning Round: Ask the Eagles
DATE: 02/26/2016, TIME: 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Panel Moderator: Paul E. Pepe, Professor and
Regional Director, Out-of-hospital Mobile Care Systems,
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Panelists: Christopher Colwell, Chief of Emergency Medicine,
Denver Health Medical Center, Vice Chair, Emergency Medicine,
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Jeffrey Goodloe, Medical Director, Medical Control Board, EMS
System for Metropolitan Oklahoma City/Tulsa
Joe Holley, EMS Medical Director, Paragon Medical Education
David Miramontes, MD FACEP NREMT, Medical Director San
Antonio Fire Department, Assistant Clinical Professor, University of
Texas Health Science Center- San Antonio
Michael Levy, MD, Medical Director, Anchorage Fire Department
Joseph Ornato, Virginia Commonwealth University
Corey Slovis, Professor, Emergency Medicine,
Vanderbilt Univ. Med. Center
Peter Taillac, Medical Director, Bureau of EMS and Preparedness,
Utah Department of Health
Session Description: Major Metropolitan EMS Medical Directors Consortium
(“EAGLES”) panelists are some of the nation’s most influential medical
directors. In this super session they will present new trends and controversies in
prehospital medicine and allow for plenty of time for audience questions.

Someday I will go to the Conference, but this is as good a way to go without going. These guys are the pathmakers in EMS.

Your Best EMS Self: Practicing Proactive

DATE: 02/25/2016, TIME: 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Raphael Barishansky, Director, OEMS, Connecticut Department of
Public Health
Session Description: What does it mean to be a “professional?” Do you consider
yourself to be one? We consider people to be professional based on their job,
their accomplishments or just in the way they present themselves. In the wildly
diverse world of EMS however, those parameters are not always clearly defined.
Is a universal standard of professionalism possible in an industry that ranges from
volunteer to career, rural to urban, municipal to hospital? Even if such a standard
existed, EMS is a 24/7 occupation. With social media, cell phones and now
drones capable of documenting our every move, how difficult is it to be a
professional at all times? Should we be? Ray will draw on his more than 25 years
in EMS and review the fundamentals of professionalism with an emphasis on
operating in the modern EMS environment. By offering practical advice based on
real-world examples, he will give EMS providers, managers and educators a
renewed look at the need for professionalism in EMS and how to individually
pursue it.

Ray Barishansky is one of the best minds in EMS. Always interested to hear his views.

And if the line is too long, I would love to meet…

Special Announcement:
Randy Mantooth will be at EMS Today 2016! He will be at the Heartmobile booth signing autographs on Friday, February 26th from 10a- 2p. Come by and meet the EMERGENCY! Actor, Randy Mantooth.

If you haven’t already registered, here’s the link:

EMS Today

* Sadly thanks to family obligations, I am will not be attending this year.


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