Trick or Treat


Some heroin dealers in Hartford have switched up their drug stamps to celebrate Halloween. Drug Users are being treated to brands such as Killer Clowns, Freddy vs. Jason and Casper (the Friendly Ghost).

The question for the users on Halloween (and one every day they buy): is their special envelope a trick or treat?Are they getting heroin? And what is it being cut with? Brown sugar, baby formula, Benadryl, rat poison, caffeine, paracetamol, chloroquine, quinine, flour, chalk, talcum powder, sucrose, starch, powdered milk, acetaminophen, Fentanyl, or Carfentanil? (1) Will the bag get them high or will it kill them?
I wonder when they buy, did the dealer wear a Scream mask? Was he dressed like a killer clown? Did he wear a Donald Trump mask, or was he dressed like Superman? Did he hang skeletons and carve and light jack o’lanterns to guide the drug users to his evil drug lair?

And when the drug users look at themselves in the mirror on Halloween, do they hope that it is all just a scary dream that they will wake up from and everything will be normal again? Instead of finding themselves alone in a public restroom, will they be in their own bathroom off the master bedroom where their pretty wife waits for them, and their darling children are asleep nestled in their bedrooms of the house built with hard work and sweat.

All just a dream

Just a dream.

Please just be a bad Halloween dream.

(1) Wouldn’t it be nice if heroin dealers had a better business accreditation in which they certified their product was free of impurities? Users then wouldn’t have to play Russian Roulette every time they scored. I am not there yet, but every day I grow closer and closer to thinking we need a model where addicts are allowed to purchase their dope in an inspected pharmacy and use in a clean setting, oversee by medical people with access to narcan and substance abuse treatment.

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