Atomizer Recall May Hurt Overdose Efforts

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The Connecticut Department of Public Health has alerted all EMS services in the state that there is recall on the MAD Nasal Intranasal Mucosal Atomizer Device.  The company recall notice says” Teleflex Medicine is recalling these products as they may not deliver a fully atomized plume of medication. ”  The company says they have received complaints that the “affected product lots produced a straight stream instead of an atomized spray.”  They go on and say “the failure of the device to deliver an atomized plume may impair the effectiveness of situations, such as where the device is used in an off-label manner for needle-free delivery of drugs for reversal of life threatening narcotic overdose…”

This will not affect paramedics who still have the IM and IV methods of administration, but it may hamper first responders, who will have to wait for new shipments of corrected atomizers.  In the meantime, all responders should make certain that patients are being properly bagged.

I am more worried about faulty devices in the hands of the lay public, who do not have the option of breathing effectively for the patient.

Device used to administer overdose reversal drug recalled


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