OxyContin Worldwide


As the opiate epidemic fueled by the overprescription of Oxycontin and the false claims of its safety is devastating our country, the Los Angeles Times is reporting the drug companies are now aggressively marketing the controversial painkiller overseas, using the same tactics they employed in this country.

OxyContin goes global — “We’re only just getting started”

Read the entire investigative series:


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His next pill: An OxyContin user’s journey from pain relief to obsession and addiction

Bravo LA Times for bringing attention to this issue.

For their next investigation, I would like to see them investigate the campaign contributions OxyContin makers have made to current lawmakers.  My guess is they have donated widely and greatly and few have rejected their money.


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  • Catherine Champion says:

    I have a serious medical problem and the doctor gave me one of the new approved oxycontin and i took one and haven’t needed another one. My pain went from a fifteen to four in fifteen minutes. I am not into narcotics anyway, but this medication helped alot. Of course the people that abuse it make it hard for me to ask for it.

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