Light Weights – Heroin Math 2 (Why We Don’t Get Robbed of our Fentanyl)

You carry four 100 mcgs vials of Fentanyl in your controlled substances kit.  How much would those vials be worth on the street?

Let’s do the math.

100 mcgs of Fentanyl is the equivalent of 10 mgs of Morphine.

Morphine is 50% as strong as heroin.

Morphine is the equivalent of 50% pure heroin.

A bag of heroin in Hartford contains 0.1 grams of powder.

0.1 grams of 50% pure heroin is 50 mg of heroin and 50 mgs of filler.

50 mg heroin is the equivalent of 100 mg morphine.

100 mg Morphine is equivalent to 1000mcgs of Fentanyl.

1000 mcgs of Fentanyl is 10 vials of 100 mcg Fentanyl.

A 0.1 mg bag of 50% pure street heroin is the equivalent to 10 vials of 100 mcg Fentanyl.

A bag of heroin costs $5 on the Hartford streets.

Each 100 mcg vial of Fentanyl is worth 50 cents.

Four 100 mcg vials of Fentanyl is worth $2.00.

When was the last time you were held up at gun or knifepoint for your controlled substances by a heroin user?

Ever wonder why 100 mcgs of Fentanyl doesn’t touch the pain of a bundle(10 bags) a day heroin user?

Think every heroin user complaining of pain is trying to scam you out of your 100 mcg vials of Fentanyl?

* * *

In Hartford we carry two kits, each with 2 – 100 mcgs of Fenatnyl, 2- 10 mg Morphine, 2- 2 mg Ativan, and 2- 10 mg Versed.

I don’t know the street worth of the Ativan or Versed, but the combined Fentanyl and Morphine would go for $4 using the above math.  We are light weights when it comes to the power of the drugs we deal out.

I can’t recall the last time I heard of an ambulance being robbed of its controlled substances by heroin users.  I have heard of diversions where medics broke into the supply.  In most of these cases, the medics were dependent of pain pills.  If they were aware of the low cost and availability of heroin in their area, they probably would not have bothered stealing the EMS drugs.


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