Two Man Dead Lift

This was sent to me by an old medic.  This is how stretchers were when I started in 1989.  In the days of the dead lift, careers in EMS were much shorter than they are now.  I remember each new stretcher innovation as they arrived, and fought against them all, but within days was sold on the new technologies, from the one man to the new self-loading I tried for the first time a week ago (on another service’s ambulance).

In my thirtieth year in this profession, only now battling my first back issue, I am grateful to the innovators for allowing me to last as long as I have.  Hats off to to the inventor of the tractor stair chair.

Maybe someday someone will invent a way to prevent stress, PTSD and other mental injuries so many of our coworkers struggle with.

Peace to all.


Note: I wasn’t able to track down the original source of the cartoon, but thanks to the artist for great drawing.



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