41 Cases

The New York Times is reporting a new study out of London that predicts 2.3 million Americans will die without more action by the government with the bulk of the deaths coming in June.

White House Takes New Line After Dire Report on Death Toll

Connecticut is up to 41 confirmed cases.  No deaths yet that I am aware of.

My office is by the ED entrance. More patients are coming in with masks on and crews wearing N95s.

We had a positive COVID-19 case where EMS did everything perfectly, putting a mask on the patient, wearing N95s, calling in ahead to alert us of the possibility. Great job!

Two hundred Connecticut nurses at one hospital are in isolation due to exposure from a patient and they are unable to get tested.

200 Connecticut Nurses Exposed To Coronavirus Sidelined Due To Lack Of Testing

We are working on plans at our hospital for separate ED entrances and wings for those suspected of COVID and those not.

I talked to a doctor today who thinks COVID has been in our community for months, but not recognized due to unavailable testing. I sort of hope this is the case, as I was sick for about 15 days in January and had a couple days I could hardly move. I didn’t have a recorded fever, but I was taking Tylenol day and night.

Connecticut has closed all restaurants, bars, movie theaters and gyms in the state, and are limiting gatherings to 50 or less.

Stop and Shop, my local grocery store, sent me an email announcing that as someone over 60, I can enter the store at 6:30 in the morning, an hour before the general (raging horde) public to enable me more social distancing and spare me the rush against younger rougher shoppers. I went yesterday before this policy and a fellow older shopper tried to trip me while he lunged for the limited fresh blueberries. Maybe he thought I was going to get to the frozen pizzas before him.

Meanwhile, someone has been stealing canisters of Purell off the hospital walls.

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