I was dispatched to intercept with a BLS unit for chest pain. I met them on the side of the road where the EMT told me the patient had a severe chest pain that’s worse when she coughed. She said the woman had a COVID test the day before and it was negative.

I nodded and got in the back where the woman on the stretcher was moaning as she coughed.

“So you had a COVID test yesterday?” I asked.

“Yes, I already told them that,” she said, clearly annoyed.

“And it was negative.”


“Where did you have it?”

“At the community health center.”

That made me pause a moment. I didn’t think they were testing, but what do I know?

“And what did the test consist of?” I asked.

“They stuck a thing in my ear and looked at it and said I was okay.”

“Put this one,” I said, handing her a surgical mask.

I put mine on next.


I did a call for an unresponsive in the bushes. The man was drunk, but responded to stimulation. When the police officer patted him down, he found a small hand held vial of Purell. Boy did that change how he was treated. “You’re a rich man, governor.” “Make certain they put in that in the safe when you get to the ED.” “That’ll buy you a week’s accommodations with an open bar at the Holiday Inn.” “You’ll need a butler, I could use some extra income.”

Good to see people still laughing.


I’m in the fly car again today, and I have in the back seat a box with extra protective gear. Each ambulance is only issued two sets (one for each crew member) of protective gear, which includes a gown, protective glasses. They are issued 4 N95s for the truck and 4 surgical face masks. If a crew uses them now, instead of having to go off the road and return to the base for supplies, I can just swing over to the hospital and give them a fresh set. I am daydreaming away skipping town with them. But where would I go? In the movies, the bank robbers always dream of a little fishing village in Mexico, but I’ve heard COVID cartel has already staked claim to those parts. Nowhere is safe.


At the base this morning, many of my coworkers were talking about how the gun stores have been jammed lately. Another medic said he wasn’t buying any new guns because, he said, once the shooting starts, there will be plenty of guns laying on the ground for the picking.

Someone sent me a video of a what seemed like a mile-long train carrying armored vehicles and tanks headed who knows where. Hopefully, not to our city. 

I tried to google the video for more info and all I could find was old clips so I have no verification this is actually happening today.

They advise you not to read the news to relieve stress. I am torn. I want to know everything there is to know about what’s going on, but it stresses me deeply. I don’t sleep well at night, having wild dreams about corona who looks just like Sponge Bob with wild wavy arms chasing after me.

I was surfing the net the other day when I came across some memes that made me laugh.

An XXL Serving of Corona-Virus Memes to Enjoy During Quarantine

This was my favorite:


If you haven’t seen it this is a great explanation of social distancing.


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Importance of Social Distancing

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