Close to Home

I came home today to find my wife wearing a mask.  She works in a couple different health care settings.  I remember a couple days ago, she was telling me about a coworker, who looked ill when he came to work.  She shooed him away from her, and told him to go home, or if not, at least put on a mask.  My wife has been rigid from the beginning in wearing a mask at work, even when her bosses told her it was not necessary.  The coworker is on a ventilator today, and my wife is wearing her mask at home, and taking her temperature twice a day.  Our kitchen and living room smell like bleach.  

557 new cases in the Connecticut today, including 16 deaths, the state’s death total now is 69 lives struck down by COVID-19.

I’m back working the ambulance tomorrow.  I will have my surgical mask on all day.

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