Radio Traffic

“We’re going to need Decon.”

“Main Street, use full precautions.”

“We have an isolation patient.”

“Shortness of breath, fever, just moved here from New York.”

“4th Floor apartment, vomiting, fever, use precautions.”

“We need resupply, out of gowns.”

“Positive screen. Take all precautions.”

Patient on corner, just left hospital who wouldn’t test him because they are out of kits, wants a ride to another hospital.’

“Out at the hospital, give us a decon tag.”

And so it goes.

A guy I have known professionally for over twenty years is on a vent.

My boss at the hospital called and wants me to sit with him tomorrow and go over a “Con-Ops” plan. That means continuing operations in case either he or I become incapacitated the other will know what to do.

I brought a patient to my hospital today.  As I went by the decon room they were intubating another possible COVID patient. 


I read this in the Hartford Courant:

“A model prepared by the University of Washington projects that as the coronavirus hits a peak in Connecticut on April 15, hospitals here will fall dramatically short on available beds.

In Connecticut, it foresees a peak of 41 single-day deaths in mid-April, before the numbers taper off during May and hit zero before the start of June. As many as 1,100 residents could perish.”

Newborn baby among 16 additional COVID-19 deaths in Connecticut, as state opens new mobile hospital

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