The newspaper is reporting that the curve may be flattening in Connecticut.  While the numbers are still shooting up, that are “linear” and not “exponential” rises.  Let’s hope so.  I am still disbelieving of the new model that says there will be over 5,000 deaths in Connecticut.  

Daily coronavirus updates: COVID-19 cases reach 7,781 and deaths jump up to 227 but hospital admission rates slow as Connecticut flattens its curve

I spend the day at the hospital, nearly every patient that came in, and there were not many patients coming in, were masked and EMS had their PPE on.  The odd thing is a fair number of the people who are testing positive are not coming in as possible COVIDs.  There are falls with broken hips, lower pains, urinary track infections, and psychiatric patients, who spike a little fever or cough a time or two.  They get tested and come up positive.  I really wish we had widespread testing to find out how many people have it and either are not aware of just don’t feel great, but are not at death’s door.  The testing process is so onerous, my wife has given up on waiting in line to get tested, and it just going to wait out her fourteen days, assuming she has it in some mild form.  She, with mask on, went for a walk with us today across the field just across the way from our house, keeping a fifty foot distance from everyone, of which there was no one but us.  She felt fatigued, but other than that she is doing okay.

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