Phase One

Connecticut began phase one of their reopening today.  I left work early today after our monthly CME, which included a talk from our infectious disease doctor on COVID.  He urged us all to continue to keep our guard up.  It was another beautiful day.  I came home to find my two daughters making doughnuts which were delicious.  We then went out on an exploratory mission.  First, we went to the batting cages, which were open for the first day and we were basically there by ourselves.  My daughter had left her batting helmet at home so they both only ventured in the slow pitch softball cages, instead of the baseball cages where a helmet was required.  The place had helmets which they sprayed with bleach and wiped down after each use.  My daughters still didn’t want any part of their helmets.  Still it was great to be back there, and watch them both swining away and making solid contact.

Then we went to Stew Leonard’s a super grocery store to get food (hamburgers, boneless chicken thighs and zucchini for a cookout.  Next we went to Dick’s Sporting Goods, where I wanted to get a couple more dumbbells because both my wife and my middle daughter are always using them during their zoom classes at the same time I want to use them, but dumbbells were like toilet paper.  There were none.  I guess there had been a big run on them in the early days of shutdown talk.

Overall, not many people were out.  While the media has shown pictures of people crowding bars (in other states) and out at other locations without masks, overall, I think most people are still a bit reluctant to venture out.  My daughters made certain we used hand sanitizer every time we got out of the car and then when we got home, my youngest daughter insisted we all put ontake showers and put on fresh clothes to keep our house COVID-free.

We had a very nice cookout this evening.  I even did a little yard work while waiting for the coals to get hot.  My yard is pretty pathetic and for all the quarantine period, I have continued to work six days a week, and really haven’t spent much time around the house.  I am off this weekend (unless a Sunday shift opens up), so I may even dedicate myself to some yard work, and certainly will plan to have a Memorial Day cookout.

Tonight I just read the news of what will be in phase two of the reopening scheduled for June 20.  Hooray!  It includes gyms, swimming pools and some youth sports.  The world will back in order.

This all depends of course on Senor Covid.  If the numbers start to go the wrong way, this will all change.

Daily coronavirus updates: Second phase of Connecticut reopening in June includes gyms, indoor dining, hotels, more; state death toll passes 3,500

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