Memorial Day Weekend

This was probably the first time in twenty five years I didn’t work at least one day of a Memorial Day weekend (Saturday through Monday).  I had told myself if a shift opened up on Sunday, I would take it.  It did and I didn’t. 

On Saturday I hit softballs with my youngest daughter.  Sunday, I ran for twenty minutes and rode my bike for 20 minutes – trying to get back into triathlon shape, which I am a long way from.  I also cut the lawn, weeded, and cleaned up about the yard instead of paying my middle daughter’s boyfriend $25 to do it.   I sat in the sun with my wife and daughters and drank a couple Bud Light seltzers, then I took a long nap.

On Memorial Day,  my youngest daughter and I went grocery shopping for an afternoon cookout, then we shot baskets in the driveway.  We had my wife’s family over.  It was a gathering of more than five, but everyone was related and we kept appropriate distance in the backyard. It was the first time my mother’s mother had been out of her house in months.  She kept her mask on except when eating and sat apart from the rest of us. I cooked hamburgers, chicken, ribs, and a seafood casserole of cod, shrimp and scallops.  I had a few more hard seltzers. 

There were pictures on the news of mass gatherings, particularly one in Missouri at a pool park where people were packed together partying, few with masks on.

Overall though, I bet most Americans were looking out for their fellow countrymen.

Be safe all. 


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