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Covid-19 and Race

Nationwide, blacks make up 13% of the population and account for 23% of the deaths.  According to the COVID Tracking Project, through today 25,932 black lives have been lost to COVID-19.  The project says “black people are dying at a rate more than 1.5 times higher than their population share.” The COVID Racial Data Tracker […]

Penetrating Trauma

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With the onset of summer, one of our more long standing epidemics is raising its head and demanding it not be forgotten In the north end of Hartford that means penetrating trauma — the knife and gun club.  In my earlier years in the city, I often worked nights when the trauma numbers were highest,  […]

Rt Numbers

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Connecticut has the second lowest Rt number in the United States, behind only Massachusetts and the District of Columbia.  Rt number is the average number of people who become infected with COVID-19 by an infectious person. If it’s above 1.0, COVID-19 will spread quickly. If it’s below 1.0, infections will slow. In March, Connecticut’s Rt […]

Seroprevelence of Antibodies

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The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has just released a study of the seroprevelence of antibodies to SAR-CO-2 (COVID-19) in Six U.S. states, including Connecticut between March 23 and May 3, 2020. The study estimated that these states had between 6 to 24 times the number of reported cases. Commercial Laboratory Seroprevalence Survey Data In […]

COVID-19 Antibodies May Not Last

Ideally, if someone gets COVID-19, their body produces antibodies and they become immune from ever getting it again or they get immunity that lasts for several years. The answer to this is still unknown, but it doesn’t appear likely if we judge on the presence of antibodies in patients who have been infected. A recent […]

A Boy

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In 1999, I wrote a letter to the editor of the Hartford Courant about a police shooting in the city.   The newspaper reported that an unarmed 14-year old black boy had been shot in the back by a white police officer.  They put the story on the front page under the headline Family, Police Want […]


Today in Connecticut there are only 124 patients hospitalized with COVID-19.  This is down from a high of over 2,000 hospitalized.  Connecticut has had 4,287 deaths.  Yesterday only 1% (14 new cases) of the 1175 tested for COVID were positive.  I did have contact with a COVID patient, a SNF resident who was COVID positive […]

Room 134

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I hadn’t noticed this before, but my partner said it is true for many nursing homes now.  Since visitors aren’t allowed, the nursing homes put room numbers on windows so the family knows which room their loved on is when they come to visit. Another sad feature of many homes.  In the lobby they often […]

Molly, Mushrooms and Mayhem

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I just read an advance copy of Molly, Mushrooms and Mayhem,written by paramedic Jim Bollenbacker, who after a long career as a lawyer became a paramedic working concerts in the Midwest.  He has many interesting tales of his experiences and those of others covering the craziness of music festivals from the EMS perspective. Here in […]


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Worked the city yesterday.  It was a beautiful day, a little on the hot side.  There was another large protest at the state capitol with the people later marching to city hall and then the police station.  People seemed to come from all over, white black, young and old, most carrying hand made signs.  The […]

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