Hooray for Hartford

Like in much of the nation, there have been anti-police violence protests in Hartford.  Here, they have been peaceful.  Yesterday, local police halted traffic to enable the marchers to pass safely through the streets. 

When the protesters blocked both lanes of the Interstate highway that runs east west through the city, they were joined by state police officers, who allowed them to demonstrate without interference.  Some officers joined hands with their fellow citizens. One officer took a knee in solidarity.

There were no arrests.  No one was hurt.

Police protests block I-84 in Hartford; Westfarms closes out of ‘abundance of caution’; Trump tells governors to crack down with arrests

In Bristol a smaller city to the west, a crowd of 200 condemned racism and police brutality, but made a point of thanking the local police who stood with them in solidarity.

At Bristol rally, Black Lives Matter protesters condemn police brutality – but thank Bristol police

We are a better nation united than we are divided. 

I am proud of my city and state.

Change is going to come from this.


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