Hospitalizations in Connecticut continue to drop.  Only 246 people with COVID remained hospitalized.  And again only two percent of those tested for COVID tested positive.

COVID-19 Update June 11, 2020

Next Monday phase two of the state’s reopening will kick off, including gyms, pools, youth sports, and tattoo studios.

But today, I am worried.  As I write this, I watch TV and hear reports of skyrocketing cases in other states and countries who have reopened with many fore-saking social distancing. 

The latest models show predict deaths skyrocketing.

170,000 US coronavirus deaths projected by October, with uptick in daily deaths in September

Last night I had another COVID dream.  It was the first one I have had in well over a month.  It was a dark dream with COVID not as a Sponge Bob gremilin or even a roaring tiger, he was a sci-fi alien dinosaur reaper hurling firey spiked black holes at me in a life and death game of intergalactic dodgeball, and I was losing badly.  I tossed wildly in my bed, awaking with my heart pounding.

Today, the stock market finally nosedived after an inexplicable rise.  They say the stock market sees the future.  Was it simply profit taking or the realization of what a second wave can do to this country, not to mention what the first wave has done.

4,116 residents of this state have died or roughly 10% of those who have tested positive.  There is no evidence that Connecticut is anywhere near possible herd immunity (estimated to be about 60%) nor is there evidence that the immunity a person who has had COVID had gained will last.  Nor is there solid probability of a vaccine that will work.

The only thing we have is safe practices, testing, isolation and contact tracing.  I am not saying we can’t open things up safely.  I am just saying we have to be safe about how we open up.

Connecticut has largely been an example to the nation so far of how to do it right (after a bit of a slow start).  I am going to the pool, to the gym, and hopefully to some of my daughter’s youth sports games.  I may even get a new tattoo, but I am going to keep my guard up.

I will be back in the city working EMS tomorrow.  It’s going to be humid and 85 degrees.  I will have my PPE on.