Today in Connecticut there are only 124 patients hospitalized with COVID-19.  This is down from a high of over 2,000 hospitalized.  Connecticut has had 4,287 deaths.  Yesterday only 1% (14 new cases) of the 1175 tested for COVID were positive.  I did have contact with a COVID patient, a SNF resident who was COVID positive in April, tested negative in May and then appears to be positive again.  The explanations for this – either the negative test was a false negative, like some patients, she continues to shed virus, or she was reinfected.  We don’t know enough yet to know if people can be reinfected.  We don’t know how long it can remain in a person, but we do know that tests can show false negatives.  In talking with other medics and through my work at the hospital, it seems the only new EMS COVID patients anyone is talking about are those who have been living in the same household with COVID patients, or those who may have had COVID and are now feeling unwell enough to be hospitalized for COVID or other medical related reasons. 

I would be celebrating the near vanquishing of COVID, but I read in the paper that COVID cases are hitting new highs – mostly in states that have loose restrictions and where wearing masks seems to be a political issue.  I do get frustrated with Connecticut.  The state has allowed pools and gyms to reopen, but neither my pool nor my two gyms have done so.  The hoops are still not back up on the public basketball courts in our town.  I know many restaurants have balked at the new permissions to open indoor dining at reduced capacity. I do see people violating physical distancing and mask wearing, but on the whole, they are isolated cases.  It remains to be seen whether our slow reopening will spark more cases or if the protests will have any role in an increase, although early nationwide data on protests seem to show little role in the spread as most protesters have been wearing masks.  In reaction to the states where cases are skyrocketing, Connecticut yesterday joined New York and New Jersey in putting a quarantine order on anyone coming into the state from an area with increasing cases.

Gov. Ned Lamont announces new restrictions on visitors to Connecticut arriving from 9 states with COVID-19 outbreaks

It was 90 degrees the other day when I had to gown up in my isolation gear – N95, surgical mask over it, face shield, gown and gloves — and it wasn’t pleasant.  My face shield fogged up, I felt like I couldn’t breath, my glove kept falling off my shoulders.  At least we are having to wear our gear much less now that the virus seems to be so sparse in these parts.

I am of the belief now that the virus will be with us for a long time, but that we can live with it if we are careful.  My daughter has started her softball practices and it is great to see her and her teammates running the bases and enjoying the outdoors.  Her first game is next week and the softball complex were the games will be held has a detailed list of safety rules.  Temperatures will be taken on entry.  The umpire will stand between the pitcher and second base, the girls will wear masks when not actively on the field.  Instead of sitting in the dugout, they will sit outside the fence spaced six feet apart.  There will be no high fives.  Parents must bring their own chairs and sit outside the fence from beyond first base out along the outfield all the way over to third.  Balls will be regularly decontaminated, kids must use their own equipment and not share water bottles.  Only one parent per child with no other spectators.  If a player or any member of their household tests positive, that player may not play for fourteen days.


I am worried about a reemergence in our state when the colder weather comes and people have to be back indoors where the virus may be more likely to spread.  But for now, I am going to try to enjoy each day, and hope that the lull here lasts.  I’ll wear my mask in public and when I get the 911 calls, I will add my face shield, and add the gown when necessary.

Stay safe all.

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