Rt Numbers

Connecticut has the second lowest Rt number in the United States, behind only Massachusetts and the District of Columbia.  Rt number is the average number of people who become infected with COVID-19 by an infectious person. If it’s above 1.0, COVID-19 will spread quickly. If it’s below 1.0, infections will slow.

In March, Connecticut’s Rt number was above 3.  By April 1, it had fallen to .99, and is now estimated to be at .76.

In contrast Nevada has the highest Rt number in the country at 1.52.  It began March at 2.17, fell below 1 in April 1 when its shelter policies started, dipped as low at .71, but then when the state reopened, the number has climber back to 1.52.

You can check out your state here:

Rt Number COVID-19

Bottom Line:  If you practice physical distancing and wear masks in public, this germ can be beaten back, but crowd into bars or packed churches with poor ventilation, and disregard the use of masks, then the germ will have the upper hand and people will die.

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