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Dribble for Justice! Dribble for Change!

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Tonight I participated in Dribble for Justice.  Dribble for Change.   I made a top score of 279 (trying five times and worked up quite a sweat). It is a part of a basketball training App called Home Court special BLACK LIVES MATTER activity. As part of the event, I also made a donation to the Equal […]

A New Team of Professional Crisis Workers?

The mayor of Hartford Luke Bronin is proposing “a new team of professional crisis workers who would respond instead of or alongside police to calls involving mental illness, emotional distress, trauma and addiction.” Hartford mayor commits to creating civilian crisis response team to handle certain emergency calls instead of police As he says in the […]


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Connecticut reopened its gyms and swimming pools today along with indoor dining.  Unfortunately, neither my pool or the two gyms I go to reopened.  Nor word yet when they will.  Bummer. I had no desire to celebrate the phase two opening by going to a restaurant to dine indoors, so tonight i am in my […]

Harm Reduction

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Connecticut’s harm reduction workers are out on the street everyday trying to make the world safer for those caught in substance use.  This is particularly important in this time of COVID-19.  I am often questioned whether or not harm reduction – syringe services, community naloxone, overdose prevention sites, drop-in centers– are not just enabling users. […]

Kevin Andrews

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With all that is going on these days, I thought of Kevin Andrews, one of my first partners in EMS. I first posted this in January of 2011. *** In EMS, we cannot help but be shaped by our earliest partners. They are the ones who show us the way. I was lucky in that […]


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My old boss, Lowell Weicker, former US Senator and Governor of Connecticut, when questioned about Congress being corrupt,  used to say that Congress was representative of our democracy.  If there were bad apples in Congress, they were likely the same portion of bad apples in every other profession and in the country as a whole. […]

White Privilege

I don’t like the term “white privilege”, although I agree with what it tries to describe –that most white people have a systemic advantage over black people.  The term “white privilege” is poorly chosen and makes me defensive, and more importantly it makes other white people who may not have stopped to reflect on the […]


Hospitalizations in Connecticut continue to drop.  Only 246 people with COVID remained hospitalized.  And again only two percent of those tested for COVID tested positive. COVID-19 Update June 11, 2020 Next Monday phase two of the state’s reopening will kick off, including gyms, pools, youth sports, and tattoo studios. But today, I am worried.  As […]

Preparing for the Next Wave

I read a great article about how to improve our response to COVID-19 when the second wave arrives (as most people believe it will) in the fall or sooner if social distancing and state reopenings fail. How the world can avoid screwing up the response to Covid-19 again I would like to add how EMS […]


I was at a meeting where in the closing minutes the question was raised about EMS testing for COVID-19.  A person wanted to know if EMS services were going to be required to get their employees tested for COVID-19.  And if they did, was there a recommended manner of getting them tested?  And what should […]

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