COVID ACT NOW- Infection Rates

A friend of mine just told me about a COVID-19 tracking site that he checks daily.  There are so many COVID tracking sites out there, but this one is unique in that it tracks the infection rate.


The infection rate is critical because as long as it is below 1, meaning each person with COVID is passing it on to less than 1 person, or that 100 COVID patients are passing it along to less than 100 people, then we are winning.  When the rate climbs back above 1, then we need to take action to get it back under 1 or else the spread will continue to rise.

Here is Connecticut’s chart, which shows a small uptick, but enough to get us back over 1.  Things have been going great here and we have been opening in a cautious manner.  The governor, has however, delayed phase 3 of our reopening, based not on what has been happening in Connecticut, but on the unbridled spread elsewhere.  I know I will be checking this chart daily.


Daily coronavirus updates: Positive cases, hospitalizations rise in Connecticut for third consecutive day