Bizarre Foods Hartford

From 2012-2014, I kept up a blog called A Paramedic’s Guide to Take out in Hartford.  I haven’t updated it since then, but am considering doing so.  In the meantime, I came across this old entry called Bizarre Foods Hartford, and since all five restaurants are still operating (open for carryout), I thought I’d post it.


Okay Andrew Zimmer of the famous Travel Channel Bizarre Food show, you are challenged to come to Hartford and eat your heart out. Here in reverse order are my top five suggestions for Bizarre Foods Hartford.

5. Beef Lips Tacos

You can get these at El Serape, a Mexican place on Broad Street. It is best to order when leaving Hartford Hospital and hope you are not sent to cover Newington before you pick them up. Beef Lips Tacos are made from — that’s right — cows lips. And believe it or not, they are delicious, with a very soft almost buttery texture. They go for $2 each, and are well worth it.

4. Morcilla, or Blood Sausage

You can get these at any Puerto Rican restaurant in town. Morcilla is made from pig’s intenstines and cow blood. They are served hot, and I have to say they don’t taste as bad as they sound, but I was unable to overcome the thought of what I was eating, and was only able to get down one bite. I gave the rest to a Hispanic EMT, who considering the dish a delicacy gobbled it down greedily. 

3. Pig’s Head

Okay, you have to be in West Hartford to get this. You can get it from A. Dong Grocery on Shield Street, right by the office. What better way to celebrate the end of a shift than buying a six-pack of beer and a pig’s head. You may need to call in advance to reserve your head.

2. Goat’s Head Soup

Goat’s Head soup, also known as “Mannish Water” is available on Fridays at SeaShore on Garden Street. It it made out of goat head meat and brains and lots of vegetables and maybe some dumplings added in. I love me some Jamaican soup, but this is not my favorite. It is however, a known aphrodisiac, so I am always sure to leave my cup empty.

And ta-da,

1. Cow Cod Soup

You can get this from Jahm Ske’s on Albany Avenue on Saturdays. I must be frank with you, I have never tried it. (This picture is thus from the internet.) Cod is another word for penis. In other words, this is cow penis soup. Sorry, folks, I can’t do it. Andrew Zimmer is likely a better man than I.