Home Test

I participated in a research project this week, testing a home COVID antibody test. I had to do it while being watched via a zoom link by a study monitor, as well as answering a series of questions about the test.

Here’s how it went. The package came in the mail. After opening it, I placed all the components out on a prepared sheet. I ran my hands under warm water to get the blood circulating, then wiped my nondominant ring finger with an alcohol swab, and pricked myself with a lancet just like the ones we use to test a diabetic’s blood sugar. I hadn’t pricked myself in a long time. When we tell the patient it is like a little bee sting, that is a good description. I still feel it. They give me a little tube to collect the blood. More is needed than what you get to do a blood sugar. I had to milk my finger repeatedly to get enough blood to fill the tube. Next I held the tube over the test kit and dropped the blood into the specified collection hole. Then I added two drops of a buffer solution and waited 12 minutes. Just like a pregnancy test or fentanyl test strips, a line appears indicating the result. I took a picture of the test and uploaded it on the phone app. A doctor is supposed to contact me later with the results, although it was pretty easy to figure out for myself.

No antibodies.

The test was simple and easy.

I would buy a kit if they were on the market and I wanted to know if I had COVID antibodies.