Temperature Checks

I have had my temperature taken hundreds of times since COVID hit and I have yet to reach 98 degrees.  I routinely ask the temperature takers if they have ever found anyone with a fever and the answer has routinely been no. Add to that that the latest knowledge is that much of the COVID transmission takes place when people are asymptomatic, and you think what is the point?

Even Dr. Fauci has admitted that temperature are “pointless.”

Dr. Fauci explains why temperature checks to fight COVID-19 are pointless

He suggests that people merely be asked if they have any symptoms.

Still, I feel a bit comforted when a facility does temperature checks.  They are at least following a protocol and it tells me that they are taking COVID seriously and are likely to be actively cleaning and following other safe practices.

With all the sports events my daughter has been playing, the one place that she played at where they did not take temperatures at the door, turned out to be crowded with poor ventilation and people disregarding the masking rules.

I am okay with getting rid of the temperature checks, but please people, take the protocols seriously.  We can have a safe society, but it depends on the community caring for others, and not individuals doing whatever the F they want.

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