Northeast Island

There was a spike in COVID cases a week ago in Danbury, a city in western Connecticut near the New York border.  The state and city responded by urging residents to stay home and avoid large gatherings.  The city also canceled all youth sports for the fall to not leave their homes.  They also limit activities in public parks and close the boat launch at the local lake, as well as ask churches to limit in-person services.

In East Windsor, a small town in North Central Connecticut, there was an outbreak of COVID among migrant farm workers, who shared housing.

Over 50 returning students at the University of Connecticut test positive along with two staff and faculty members.  An entire dormitory is quarantined.  Football practice is postponed as members of the team test positive. Several students have already been kicked out of their dorms for partying without masks in close contact with other students.

Grade school kids will be returning next week and many are still uncertain how that will play out.  Each district is different, Many are using hybrid models of partial in school particla on-line.

The town I live in West Hartford has petitioned the state to limit outdoor gatherings to 20.

The indoor aquatics center where I used to swim everyday is supposed to finally open on September 14th, but I am nervous it will not happen.

My daughter is getting ready for her fall soccer season and a continuation of her AAU basketball, but as individual cities start to close down youth sports, I am nervous her seasons will get canceled before they begin.

While there are no COVID patients admitted to my hospital right now, when I worked in Hartford on Friday, I heard a number of calls go out for COVID positive patients.

Overall Connecticut has had a great summer, but our state has turned orange on the COVID-19 ACT now national map — making us at risk island in Northeast. 

The numbers for the city of Hartford look even worse.

Who knows what the fall will hold?