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Meditations of an Overcast Day

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  It has been a great summer here as far as COVID goes, low numbers, very few cases.  On the ambulance we all wear our face masks, and I wear a face shield when I remember to grab it, and while I carry my isolation bag into the scene with me, I haven’t put on […]

Coming in April 2021

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As posted a few days ago, I am pleased to announce Johns Hopkins University Press will be publishing my newest book, Killing Season A Paramedic’s Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Opioid Epidemic.  The book will be released in April 2021, but is available for preorder now on Amazon. Preorder Here The book tells […]

Spirits Filled with Light

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The Boss is Back.  Bruce Springsteen just released his best rock anthem in years.  “Ghost.”  I was no fan of his last album where he embraced his tendency to sing about stoic defeated men, wistful for their pasts.  In Ghosts, he summons his past, and his past fills him again with fire and light.  If […]

Twitter and Social Media

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At the behest of the people at Johns Hopkins University Press, I will be expanding my social media presence to help promote my new book.  I have done this blog for over 16 years, but have not yet ventured onto Facebook or Twitter, which I will now embark to do. Today while watching football (Go […]


Over the years I have missed many sporting events of my children, although I have always done my best to try to get there.  Since I went part time earlier this year, I have made every one of my daughter’s softball, basketball and soccer games. Instead of being in the front seat of an ambulance […]

Reporting on EMS Opiod Data

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Great article in The Hartford Courant about the first year’s worth of data from the SWORD project, which collects EMS reports of opioid overdoses. First report on Connecticut’s real-time, opioid overdose tracking system reveals higher number of cases in Hartford County I was also interviewed by the local FOX news channel about the project. UConn […]

Killing Season

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Coming in April 2021 from Johns Hopkins University Press. Now available for preorder on Amazon. Killing Season: A Paramedic’s Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Opioid Epidemic

COVID Tracking

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There are to COVID tracking sites I follow every day.   They both have color coded maps that show how each state is doing according to their metrics. Connecticut is not doing as well as it has in the past.  Our dailey cases and test positivity rate have gone up and stayed there over the last […]

Fatal Overdoses in Connecticut Minorities

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Recent data on fatal overdoses in Connecticut shows overdoses among black and Hispanic citizens are increasing as a proportion of total overdose deaths. To date in 2020, 29% of overdose deaths in Connecticut have been black or Hispanic people compared to 18% in 2015, 21% in 2016 and 2017, 24% in 2018, and 28% in […]

Connecticut EMS Opioid Overdose Data

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In Connecticut, when EMS responds to an opioid overdose, after they have taken the patient to the hospital, accepted a refusal, or presumed a patient dead, they are required to contact the state poison control center and answer a series of questions about the overdose. The program, known as SWORD (Statewide Opioid Reporting Directive), that […]

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