Spirits Filled with Light

The Boss is Back.  Bruce Springsteen just released his best rock anthem in years.  “Ghost.” 

I was no fan of his last album where he embraced his tendency to sing about stoic defeated men, wistful for their pasts.  In Ghosts, he summons his past, and his past fills him again with fire and light. 

If we ever have stadium concerts again and we will, the crowd will roar singing the chorus “I’m Alive!”

I grew up on Springsteen.  “Born to Run” came out when I was in high school.  His music is my church, his songs my spiritual touchstones. 

He gave me the strength to be my own person, and yes, the courage to pursue my dream of being a paramedic.

Now, as I age (I am 9 years younger than him), I have looked to him as to how to age.  That’s why I was so angry with his last album that seemed to me like he had given up his fire and rage against the darkness.  Here with this song and hopefully others like it on the new album coming out later in October,  he is back with the band, back believing in the promised land.   


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