A Bad Place

I have a bad feeling about the direction COVID is heading in Connecticut.  Each day the number of cases and the infection rate seem to be rising, but the Governor keeps saying a rise is expected, worth watching but not a real concern yet.  He went ahead with the restaurant’s expanded capacity, but as the numbers grow — not just what I read in the paper, but what I am seeing on the street and at the hospital, it is clear the COVID is BACK.

Daily coronavirus updates: Connecticut reports highest positivity rate since June; hospitalizations also increase

At the hospital, I send notifications to EMS services every time they bring in a COVID patient so they can monitor their employees’ exposures and make certain they are wearing the proper gear.  After doing only one case in the entire month of August and only three in September, I have done 10 in the last three days.  No sooner did I a send an email to one service than two more cases popped up on the board.

The cases are in the community, in nursing homes again, as well as elderly housing, assisted living and correction facilities.  

Connecticut has had several outbreaks in local nursing homes including a local home with 24 resident cases and 16 staff members.  It happened last Spring, it looks like it is happening again.

A COVID-19 outbreak at neighboring assisted living facilities in Avon has left one dead and upwards of 50 infected

Connecticut just added three more states to its quarantine list, but at the rate it is going, Connecticut is going to be on its own list.  Yesterday the ten day rolling average was 9 new cases a day per 100,000 residents.  10 new cases a day is the marker for getting on the list.

The USA map looks scary as well. Lots of red and orange, not much yellow.  The news makes me fear the worst.  Politicians holding rallies without masks

And the one voice of reason–the one man we can trust– Anthony Fauci says,  “We’re in a bad place.”

Not good.

Dr. Fauci: ‘We’re in a bad place’ with coronavirus on the rise again



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