Connecticut Fatal Overdoses Up 17% in 2020

Data just released from the state Department of Public Health shows overdose deaths through July are up 17% over the same time period last year.  2019 which ended with 1200 fatalities represented the previous high for overdose deaths.  Deaths were up in each of the first seven months over 2019 numbers.

Drug Overdoses Monthly Report, January 2019-August 2020

If the trend continues over 1400 people will die of overdoses in Connecticut in 2020.

In other numbers Fentanyl was involved in 84% of the deaths.  Carfentanil was present in only 2 of the deaths.

The largest increase in deaths was in nonhispanic blacks with the death rate in this group increasing by a deeply troubling 42%.

The question we have to ask ourselves in why?

Decreased services, despair, isolation?

Attention must be paid.

Fatal Overdoses in Connecticut Minorities


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