The Drumming

“That’s not unexpected, but it still wakes you up like a cold shower,” Lamont said about the rising number of positive tests, which suggest that the virus is spreading more quickly.

COVID cases have increased steadily in Connecticut since early September.  Nearly every day, the Governor’s response has been, “That’s not unexpected.”   He has often added, it bears watching.

Daily coronavirus updates: Connecticut’s positivity rate hits 4.1% and hospitalizations near 300; Lamont urges municipalities to enforce pandemic rules

I have been watching it.  So has the web site, which now lists Connecticut as on the states where COVID is in “Uncontrolled spread.”

I know the governor has done his best to walk the fine line between keeping the state open and keeping it safe, but we all need to pay attention to what is happening in the world.

Cases are skyrocketing. 500,000 new cases this week alone in the US. 

We have 40 states and 2 territories on our state’s quarantine list, meaning anyone coming in to Connecticut from one of those states has to either quarantine for 14 days or produce a negative test.  The sad thing is if Connecticut were another state we would be on our own quarantine list.

Nursing homes in our state were ravaged by corona when it first hit last spring.  8 have already died in a local nursing home since this second wave has hit, and each day there are reports of more outbreaks.

Connecticut orders mandatory testing of all nursing home staff in hopes of staving off outbreaks, deaths as COVID-19 cases climb

Last night in the World Series a baseball player was pulled out of the game in the 8th inning when his COVID test came back positive.  Word is he had had an inconclusive test the day before so was retested and the retest confirmed he was positive.  He was ordered to self-isolate, but when his team won the series, he was seen running maskless on the field.

Why the hell did MLB allow Justin Turner to celebrate with the Dodgers after being Covid positive?

How the Dodgers’ World Series Celebration Became a Possible COVID-19 Superspreading Event

I get it that people are tired of this pandemic and want to live their best lives.  I want to, too, and I think we can, but at some point we have to recognize the germ for what it is – a killer that targets our weakest and most vulnerable.

How hard is it to wear a mask?

How hard is it to isolate when you know have COVID and are at risk of spreading it to others?  This is not just another case of someone possibly having COVID, this is a confirmed positive case.

Can you not see that the spread of the germ from one to the next will ultimately bring another soul to a scene where a medical person – paramedic like me or a doctor– stands over them, closes their vacated eyes and calls the time? 

Hear the drumming.  Another dead American in the U.S.A.