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Anti-Black Racism Class Thoughts

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I had some trepidation about taking an Anti-Black Racism course (which was offered free to employees at our hospital, and all students, faculty and staff affiliated with the University of Connecticut) but I was enthused to engage and learn so I could better understand what is going in America and how I could better help […]

Dark Red

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I follow COVID ACTNOW daily for a look at how the epidemic is progressing or retreating.  It looks now like it is advancing so severely that they have had to add a new color/category risk level to their map.  Previously red was the worse you could do and it signaled critical – “Active or Imminent […]

Black Friday/EMS Books

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It’s Black Friday.  When thinking of Christmas gifts, consider supporting EMS authors. My new book, Killing Season: A Paramedic’s Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Opioid Epidemic,   is coming out on April 6, 2021, but if you order two books (or spend $50 now, you can get them for 40% off under a special promotion.  […]


I wrote this post on Thanksgiving 2005.   *** It’s Thanksgiving morning. I awake at 5:10, shower and dress, then open up the garage door to see a couple inches of snow on the ground. It’s beautiful, but I hate winter, hate the cold weather, hate driving in snow. When I get to the base, I can […]

Green Glasses

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This week I received in the mail special glasses I ordered from the back of an old comic book.  They enable me to see COVID.  He is a tiny little green monster with a coat of suction cups.  He is not just one fellow, but an army of millions of little green monsters. I sit […]


Friday night in the city on a dead end street.  Light beams out of the ambulance’s open back doors.  Inside the EMT spreads a clean white sheet on the black stretcher mattress.  He hits the exhaust button on the wall, and then exits from the side doors. My masked patient steps up into the back where […]

ZIMHI – 5 mg Naloxone IM

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Adamis pharmaceuticals is seeking FDA approval for ZIMHI™(naloxone) Injection, a 5 (FIVE) milligram intramuscular (IM) dose of naloxone for use in suspected opioid overdose. In EMS, we try to titrate naloxone to the smallest possible amount to reduce respiratory depression.  We have that luxury because we carry bag valve masks, which enable us to […]

A Simple Dream

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Twenty-seven years ago, in a retaliatory shooting, a man in Hartford’s north end opened fire with an automatic weapon, killing his target.  He was sentenced to fifty years in prison.  He left at home a baby daughter. *** I get called for the unconscious.  I arrive first and climb windy wooden stairs to the third […]

Gun Violence 2020

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Every morning when I report to work, I check my gear,  my heart monitor, my medic bag, and the blood cooler.  Our service has been carrying whole blood stored in a paramedic response vehicle for a couple months now, and none too soon.   In the midst of two serious epidemics — COVID-19 and the opioid […]

CT Contact Tracing App

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When I woke up Friday morning and checked my phone, there was a notification asking me to join Connecticut’s new COVID-19 contact tracking app.  I installed it right away.  The app tracks my proximity to other people using the app.  If I test positive, a contact tracer will ask if I will share my close […]

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