CT Contact Tracing App

When I woke up Friday morning and checked my phone, there was a notification asking me to join Connecticut’s new COVID-19 contact tracking app.  I installed it right away. 

The app tracks my proximity to other people using the app.  If I test positive, a contact tracer will ask if I will share my close contacts.  They will give me a code to enter in my phone and anyone who is also using the app who has been within six feet of me for more than fifteen minutes in a day will receive a notification of a positive exposure.  They aren’t told who they were exposed to and where they were exposed.  No private information is shared.  Likewise, if someone else using the app tests positive and shares their contacts, I will get a notification of a possible exposure.

The app is designed to supplement, not replace traditional contact tracing.

I am curious if I will get notified if any of my patients test positive and are also using the app.

It was super easy to activate.  I just hit a couple prompts and I was registered.  I am guessing anyone with a cell phone in Connecticut had the same message this morning.  I hope many signed up.

Here’s more information on it.

COVID Alert CT: How does the app work? What you need to know about Connecticut’s new contact tracing tool

Connecticut needs all the help it can get because like most of the nation, cases are skyrocketing here.  There are still plenty of hospital beds available, but hospitalizations and then deaths usually lag case increases, so the next month is expected to be trying.  Below graph is from COVID ACT NOW.

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