Connecticut has approved paramedics to administer COVID-19 vaccines.  They have also approved any EMT who has been trained in IM injection as part of the state‚Äôs epinephrine program.  Nurses are also able to administer the vaccine.  Paramedics and EMTs, however have to complete a state-approved training course in order to administer the vaccine, while nurses do not.  I am both a paramedic and a nurse.  I have received notification from the state in both my licenses asking me  to become a vaccinator, and have replied in the affirmative for both.  On Sunday, I took the training on-line, and today I attended a thirty minute skills evaluation.  While I am a little torqued that paramedics have to go through more hoops than nurses, I did find the training helpful.  It consisted of watching a thirty-four minute video, and then answering a twenty question quiz.  The skills session involved drawing up 0.5 cc of saline and giving two IM injections to a fake shoulder.  (I was complimented on my technique!) It was good to learn some of the specifics of the Pfizer and the Modern vaccines.

I am not sure when I will be called upon to start administering the vaccines.  Like the rest of the nation, Connecticut is having supply issues.  I heard today that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine may be ready by March, and that will increase the number who can be vaccinated.  The Johnson and Johnson vaccine only needs to be given once. 

I stand ready to help when the call comes.


Here’s a link to information on becoming a vaccinator in Connecticut:

Approved COVID-19 Vaccination Training Programs