Silent Moment

Today at our state’s EMS Advisory Board meeting (held via internet) they had a moment of silence for those in EMS who have passed recently as they do every month.  One of the deaths was an assistant fire chief and former state trooper who was one of the first responders at Sandy Hook.  He died of COVID-19 at age 50.  Other deaths included a husband and wife EMS team who both died of COVID-19 within weeks of each other.  An old partner of mine is in the hospital with COVID-19.  Another old partner of mine has been out for over a year and will likely never return to work thanks to COVID-19.

I am sure all of you who work in EMS, and even those who don’t know of similar cases.

Honor them all. 

Wear your PPE when you are on duty and wear your masks when you go out.  Get vaccinated.  We have to protect ourselves, our families, our partners, our fellow responders and the people we serve.

Stay safe.

Patrick Dragon

Don and Christine Kutz