About Street Watch

I stared writing Street Watch in 2004.  At the same time I was writing another blog Paramedic Journal: A Year on the Streets, which was a daily account of my life as a paramedic.  I took selected stories from Paramedic Journal and and expand upon them in Street Watch.  Street Watch became a writer’s blog, while Paramedic Journal was a more traditional blog.

I enjoyed writing everyday and was often surprised how recounting the day’s calls enabled me to see things I might not have otherwise realized.  I would sit down thinking it had been an uneventful day, and before I was done, I might realize I actually had a very interesting day.

Still writing everyday was demanding, and eventually, I had to cut back.  After twenty months of writing daily, I shut down the daily blog and started concentrating on this Street Watch.  At the time, I was working 60-80 hours a week as a field medic and plenty of new material to write about.

In July of 2008 ,I got a part-time position as an EMS clinical coordinator at a local hospital.  While I still work 40 hours a week as a paramedic, as a consequence of the second job I find myself writing fewer street scenes, and more educational/observational big picture type posts. My number of postings has also dwindled.

Two jobs, three daughters(including a now 21 month old), year-round training to be a triathlete, and just plain living life continue to eat into my writing time. Still writing is a part of me, and I need to do it to help understand my world.

I am hoping to post at least one or two times a week. Sometimes they will be scene calls, others a discussion of larger topics. Occasionally I will reprise an old or lost post.

I should mention that any of the scene calls have been changed (dates, details, characteristics) to protect the confidentiality of patients, while still staying true to the heart of the call.

Thanks for reading.

Peter C