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Sleepy Boy or Fetch My Dart Gun

We get called for a violent psych at the juvenile school. Wait for PD, our dispatcher tells us. A violent psych at the juvenile school. The last violent psych I had at a juvenile school was a fifty pound ten-year-old who was standing up on top of the cabinents in the principal’s office jumping up […]

Your Honor

There’s an article in the paper this morning about a family suing an ambulance company because the ambulance allegedly got stuck in the mud while at the scene where a family member — a previously healthy young man had collapsed while running. The article also reports that the ambulance arrived within minutes of the collapse […]

At Bay

4:00 A.M. Twenty-two hours into a twenty-four hour shift. The tones go off for the third time that night. They send us for an unconcious man. It is an address we were at the previous afternoon — a lift assist for a man who’s wife needed help lifting him off the toilet because he felt […]

I'm Walking

I had the day off today so this morning I went to a Jamaican church in the north end of the city. I arrived late and was escorted by chance to the front row just as the lead vocalist and gospel choir started singing “Highway to Heaven,” which was great because I knew the song, […]

The Gift

A forty-five year old man lays slumped against the storefront of the Erotic Palace. He is out cold, drooling. He clearly has done some drinking from the smell of his breath. Doesn’t respond to a sternal rub. We take his jacket off so we can get access to his arms. No track marks. He is […]

Someone Else’s Name

Last night I went to a going away party for an old partner of mine. I was glad there was a good turnout. In EMS people work at a place for years. They come in to work everyday, work long hours, and give it their best. They become a part of the life, of the […]

Escaped Mental Patient

A guy escapes from a mental hospital, hitchhikes to his friend’s house, then sits on the porch waiting for the friend to get home. Suddenly, he starts to feel his neck tighten up, and his face and arms. he can’t move them. Panicking, he staggers out into the road, lurching in and out of traffic, […]


an•thro•poph•a•gi — Pronunciation: (an”thru-pof’u-jī”, -gī”). *** She has beautiful blue eyes, a slender woman with long blonde hair who looks like at one time she was very pretty, but she has been sleeping on a mattress in a house that smells like urine. She says she has back pain and has been hurting too much […]

Don't Quit the Day Job

Guy goes to the paint store, buys some white paint. Driving back to his mother’s house in the north end of the city he is driving through a green light when bam. He gets slammed by a car being chased by the police. The other car rolls. A fire hydrant is hit. Water sprays everywhere. […]

My Sunshine/Little Daddy

A three year-old hits his head. The cops are questioning the mother when we get there. It looks like an accident. The kid just banged his head. He didn’t lose conciousness — he just hurts when he moves his head. His mother has to be six two and well over four hundred pounds — she […]

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