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Street Lessons #2 Troubleshooting the Monitor

When you attach the electrodes, nothing reads on the monitor screen. You recheck the leads and connection to the monitor, which you unplug and then replug several times, all with no change. Still nothing. What do you do now?

Street Lessons

Street Lesson # 1 Don’t Carry Hypotensive Patients in a Stair Chair.

Computer STEMI Interpretation Revisisted

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I spent a fascinating hour and a half with two members of Physio-Control’s technical team going over the 12-Leads I discussed in a recent post. I was extremely impressed with both their knowledge and their desire to improve the computer’s algorithms.

To Transmit Or Not

With these four components in place, no STEMI should fall through the cracks.

Unboard My People Now!

We again debated an implementation time ranging from waiting for the textbooks to be rewritten to opening up the window of the committee room and shouting. “Free at Last! Free at Last! Unboard My People Now!”

Computer STEMI Interpretation

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What percentage of the time when the computer reads “Meets ST Elevation Criteria” and “Consider Acute Infarct,” is it actually a STEMI?

Can Paramedics Recognize STEMIs?

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Despite this well done study, I continue to support field activation of the cath lab through paramedic interpretation alone, but I do believe we need to increase our 12-lead training efforts.

Pain Scales

Automatically giving a narcotic analgesic to any patient who says his pain is a 10 is no more right than automatically refusing to give narcotic analgesics because a patient doesn’t look like he is in pain.

Relieving Pain in America

No one should have to sit before another and have to beg to be treated as a fellow human. In EMS we are caregivers. We are the door to compassion – to human connectedness. Open 24/7.

Mill Hill Ave Command

One of the best things about EMS I have seen over the years is the influx of motivated young EMS doctors who came from the streets themselves, who respect the work we do and are actively working to improve our systems and the care we provide. Brooks Walsh is one of these docs.

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